So, what is the multifaceted future of AR? Can’t believe how a technology that was just in its blooming stage a few years ago grew up to be the most advanced in the digital space innovation? But, it’s true. AR is predicted to have an estimated global market worth of 340 billion USD by 2028. From just a pipe dream to one of the most advanced technologies of today, the growth of AR has been remarkable.

Most people might have heard of AR only in the gaming sector (yeah, it’s Pokemon, you guessed it right) or the filters in Snapchat…

It’s amazing to see how augmented reality is evolving day by day and is meeting the challenges and requirements of businesses in every vertical. Seeing the benefits that AR is leveraging to other businesses, more businesses are now choosing AR-based remote assistance to solve their business challenges and to smoothly run their operations. But most businesses get stuck when they are to decide the right AR remote assistance that suits their business needs. But don’t worry, read on this blog to find out what all to check out before opting for remote assistance software. There are several remote assistance solution…

Thiruvananthapuram is home to many technology startups in Kerala. iBoson Innovations is one such tech startup from Kerala that has been growing in vibrancy and ambition over the past few years.

Amidst the struggling economy, iBoson is one of the many AR startups in India that have survived and flourished. Built on the grounds of persistence, hard work, and adapting and providing solutions to the changing market requirements, iBoson already wears the crown in their niche.

Founded by Vineetha A and Vishnu JP, iBoson Innovations is an augmented reality startup from India that started its operations back in 2016 and…

Ann Meeval Mathew

I am a digital marketing executive by profession. I am an avid reader and loves to read and learn about new technologies.

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